Civil Engineering Services

At Supama Infra Services Limited we're small enough to get deeply involved in your projects yet large enough to handle any size project. Our multi-disciplinary team can deliver the engineering services you need, and help your community develop and manage infrastructure with everything from master planning and feasibility studies to conducting due diligence to delivering preliminary and final engineering plans.

When you work with Supama Infra Services Limited, you're working with industry-leading engineers and specialists whose skills cross a range of disciplines. You get real-world, sustainable solutions that meet or exceed your unique business and operational objectives. Most importantly, you get our full attention-because you're our top priority.

Services :

  • As-Built Surveys / Record Drawings
  • Water Supply, Storage & Distribution
  • Sewage Collection & Treatment
  • Water & Wastewater Facility Design
  • Stormwater Management Planning & Design
  • Municipal Facilities Planning & Design
  • Resident Engineer Services
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Construction and Project Management

Supama Infra Services Limited provides state-of-the-art engineering and surveying services to public and private sector clients.