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Water Resources Engineering

Supama Infra Services Limited provides practical, big picture solutions for stormwater management. Our solutions go far beyond pipes and ponds, focusing on stormwater problems while addressing water quality targets, non-point source pollution, flood mitigation, habitat preservation and more.

Our water resources team has experience in the movement, storage, treatment and reuse of stormwater. We do it with full awareness of the surrounding envirnment, so stormwater control blend seamlessly with natural features such as wetlands, riparian corridors and floodplains. The result sustainable solutions that save your community time, money and headaches.

Services :

  • Hydrology & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Stormwater Infrastucture Design
  • Stormwater Master Planning
  • Aquifer Characterization / Water Supply Studies
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Wetland Delineations and Deepwater Habitat Classifications
  • Wetland Creation, Enhancement and Restoration
  • Mitigation Plans and Monitoring
  • Biological Evaluation and Assessment
  • Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring
  • GIS Serivces
  • Irrigation Design

Supama Infra Services Limited provides state-of-the-art engineering and surveying services to public and private sector clients.